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    What is Catalytic Converter Recycling ?

    Used and scrap catalytic converters from cars and trucks are now easy to recycle.
    Sell Your Converter Here. The converter is located underneath you car or truck. There may be one or two. These can clog and not be useful for the vehicles exhaust system anymore. However, they can be sold at very good prices. Catalytic Converter prices are constantly fluctuating so it benefits to have a real professional converter recycling business to guide you to the best prices.

    How can I make money on my old converter?

    How can I recycle my Catalytic Converter?

    To recycle a converter it needs to be cut off from the exhaust pipe. Do not dispose of it. Take the cat and cut all the end pipes off of it. Only the main body of the converter is important. Inside the cat is the catalyst which includes precious metals; platinum being the most common.

    What is a corebuyer?

    If you are a converter corebuyer, you can have a lucritive business building up contacts that will supply the used converters. Scrap converters come in many sizes, brands and qualities. Depending on the make, the price can range from small to large sums. Once you begin to learn the different brands of converters, you will be more acquanted with the used converter prices.
    Independent converter buyers are very important to the recycling business. Businesses such as Davis Recycling Inc allow you to mail and ship your converters for payment. You contact these businesses letting them know the converter brand(s) and quantity that you have. Then they price the various converters they accept for recycling. When the pricing is agreed on, you can ship the converters via ups, fedex or usps. When they receive them, they sort, analyze and verify. Then money is sent to you. But always remember, check your catalytic converters first to be sure they have not been tampered with. One bad converter can hinder what could be a very good business relationship.

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